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What We’re all about!

Central Kennels offers a unique experience to its clients in the Ohio, Michigan and surrounding areas.

Our facility is equipped with indoor-outdoor spaces, allowing the dogs to go in and out (weather permitting) all day long!

We take dogs of all breeds, sizes, ages and behaviors! We specialize in our No-Contact boarding experience for dogs that don’t get along well with strangers! We even take dogs that do not like other dogs!

We offer a custom boarding experience. We don’t require add-ons, but you can also add as many as you’d like!

Our Services


Going on vacation and need us to take care of Fido? We’ve got you covered! You can even earn towards a free night!


Got a pup who likes to make friends? We'll make sure they play well with others in one of our custom daycare programs


Could your pup use some training? Our trainer can help with custom training programs available for any problem your pup might have.

Bath & Nails

bathing and nail trims are available at the end of your pets stay!






Small dog

Small dog- 1/2 day

25 lbs or less

6 hours or less




Small dog- full day

26 lbs-60lbs

7 hours or more




Large dog- 1/2 day

61 lbs-100lbs

6 hours or less


Extra Large

Large dog- full day


7 hours or more

100lbs +

Part of our training program?

Two or more boarding together?

You'll get a discount on our daycare socalization!

$2 discount per dog




Canine Influenza

Distemper (DHPP)

Leptospirosis (sometimes DHPP+ L4)

Extra Services

Food add ons

30 minute Walk


Peanut Butter Kong



30 mInute Extra Yard time

Pumpkin Kong




Egg on meal


Nail Trim


Broth lick






extra Yard time or Daycare


Daycare done differently

When you specialize in all behaviors, daycare takes on a new definition


Not all dogs enjoy the company of others. We create the experience your pup wants with fetch, walks, yard time sniffing around or extra snuggle time.

Pack Style

This is for dogs that like to make lots of friends and don’t mind a crowd. We like to keep Our Pack Style daycare to 10-15 dogs to properly monitor body language signs but we promise it’s tons of fun

Social Circle

Sometimes it’s best to keep social circles small. Your pup can pick a pal or a few friends to play with. This is a group designed to help ease dogs into larger groups later too!


Each training program starts with a free evaluation and estimate

Basic Obedience:

Sit, Lay down, Stay, Wait, Leave it, Drop it, Potty training, Crate training, and Loose leash walking skills.

Advanced Obedience:

Heel, Long Distance Recall, Watch My Six


Dance, Weave Between legs, Spin, Jump, Play Dead, Shake, Back up, etc.

Working dog:

Service dogs, Scent and Shed hunting, and Therapy dogs

Behavior Modification:

Guarding: Food, toy, Owner, Territory and Object

Reactivity: Chasing cars, bikes, rollerblades and roller skates. Barking at other dogs on leash or at a fence

Fear or Anxiety: Separation Anxiety, Body Handling, Spacial pressure, Stranger Danger and Sound sensitivity, and Socialization

We want to celebrate dog’s uniqueness. Too often dogs are limited due to behavioral problems or lack of socialization. Our goal is to provide access to dogs of all personalities and behavioral issues. We want to see behavior improve. In order for that to happen, we don’t shy away from reactive dogs; we create a space to help them thrive.

Jennifer Morris


Callie and Grace

“We recently went out of town and boarded our dog at Central Kennels. They were extremely responsive to my emails and questions as this was our first boarding experience. We signed our Grace up to recieve farm fresh eggs for breakfast, 1/2 hour long walks in the woods, grooming, and nail cutting. She has short brindle fur that usually feels coarse, but was so soft when we brought her home! We already scheduled her to stay there during our next trip out of town and I recommend you do too.”


taylor & Stamford

“Central Kennel, including every single staff member, is a truly amazing pet facility. Their tentativeness, professionalism, and care, was apparent the first time we took our Great Dane puppy.

We take our puppy for day care, training, and boarding. He gets play time during day care, which is much appreciated at the end of a work day. They tailor training to your pet and do everything possible to accommodate to your schedule. All at extremely fair prices. They all love and care for each animal, like they are their own. Every team member, especially the owners Andrew and Jennifer, have helped us immensely. We could not be more thankful for Central Kennel and team!!!!

10000000/10 (humans and dogs) would recommend”

Toni & Nala

“Being a new owner of a puppy I was feeling overwhelmed and frustrated! I have a 7 month old Cane Corso named Nala. We have been coming here for 3 months now and her and I both love it! Finding Central Kennels was the best thing that happened to us! The staff and owners are so personable they have helped Nala and I both so much!”

“if the kindest souls were rewarded with the longest lives, dogs would outlive us all”

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Mailing Address

8708 Central Ave Sylvania, Oh 43560

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Phone Number

Main line: 419-829-4151

Training: 419-481-3325